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Avanguard Capital provides strategic advisory services
facilitating capital raising campaigns and enabling merger and acquisition transactions.

Avanguard Capital acts as a two-way bridge connecting Australia to the rest of the world, with a focus on Europe, the Middle-East and North America. Having developed deep relationships in these regions, we increase the connectivity of Australian businesses with international capital - and vice versa.

Avanguard Capital's focus is on enabling and accelerating our clients' capital raising, merger and acquisition objectives. We pride ourselves on our pragmatic approach and on our international outlook.


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Capital Raising

We support our clients’ capital raising campaigns via the following services:

• Advising on appropriate and impactful capital raising strategies to ensure presentability and investment readiness.
• Identifying the most suitable and likely investors
• Acting as the client’s advisor in developing required documentation.
• Organising hosted visits and executing bespoke roadshows.
• Providing business strategy consultancy services to fine-tune our clients’ approach.


Strategic Advisory

Our strategic advisory approach involves preparing our clients for future transactions and/or optimising their current activities through:

• Developing divestment, merger and acquisition strategies.
• Identifying acquisition, investor and partner targets.
• Formulating de-risking plans.
• Coaching the core management team and the board.
• Formulating financial models that optimise valuation.
• Facilitating post-deal integration.

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Transactions Made Simple

Our merger and acquisition services offer complete buy-side and sell-side support through:

• Tailoring transaction processes aligned with our clients’ merger, acquisition and exit strategies.
• For the buy-side – Engaging with potential targets, assisting in due diligence and structuring a deal.
• For the sell-side – Engaging with potential buyers or partners, assisting in due diligence and structuring a deal.
• Comprehensive closing and post-deal assistance.



Patrick Kedemos

Patrick Kedemos has over 25 years of international corporate and finance experience. He initially developed his career with Fortune 500 companies Air Liquide and Wesfarmers where he held a suite of leadership roles in Sales & Marketing, Financial Control, General Management, Mergers and Acquisition and Strategy. Patrick was then the Managing Director of AnaeCo, a publicly-listed technology company as well as the Honorary Consul for France in Western Australia.

Patrick is the Managing Director of Avanguard Capital and has extensive international experience in assisting companies in raising capital and commercialising their products as well as enabling well-tailored merger and acquisition transactions. Patrick is a mentor to our team of highly talented and motivated advisors and specialists. He sits on several boards and teaches Financial modelling to the Masters of applied finance at the University of Western Australia. He also regularly delivers a variety of strategy and finance workshops to executives and boards. Patrick is a French and Australian citizen and speaks seven languages. He holds a Master of Science from NEOMA and is also a graduate of the INSEAD MBA. He is a proud father of two.

Abhishek Ghosh: Associate
Abhishek Ghosh: Associate
Jacob Andersson: Associate
Jacob Andersson: Associate
Nathan Moore: Associate
Nathan Moore: Associate

Our Team

Avanguard Capital’s team draws from a wealth of experience to assist our clients in developing the right corporate strategies to achieve their desired transaction outcomes. Our team of highly talented and motivated individuals bring their own unique set of skills to the group, ensuring our clients receive well crafted, end-to-end advice delivering superior outcomes.


The Art of Raising Capital

Capital raising is a whole of business exercise as in order to make a business as presentable as possible (to successfully raise funds), everything has to reviewed and repositioned from the strategy to the IP, from the business model to the financial model and from the team to the negotiation position. The exercise ensures the team is coached to speak a language that resonates with potential investors, from better understanding the explicit and non-explicit objectives of venture capital or private equity funds to the narrative associated with the de-risking of milestones. The workshop thus greatly maximises the potential for successful business development and capital raising campaigns.

The Art of Mergers and Acquisitions

‘The Art of Mergers and Acquisitions’ defines the relationship between enterprise strategy and merger and acquisition initiatives. Participants gain an understanding of what is required to successfully complete a merger, acquisition or divestment, and the pitfalls that can derail the process. These are some of the topics that will be covered in the workshop;

• Articulating the enterprise’s strategy before embarking on merger, acquisition or divestment activities.
• Gaining alignment on management expectations about mergers and acquisitions.
• Establishing a process for evaluating potential merger and acquisition candidates.
• Screening potential merger and acquisition targets.
• Completing a financial evaluation of merger and acquisition targets.
• Estimating the value of merger and acquisition targets.
• Conducting due diligence.
• Developing and implementing an assimilation plan to guide post-merger integration activities.


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