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Avanguard Capital provides strategic advisory services
facilitating capital raising campaigns and enabling merger and acquisition transactions.

Avanguard Capital acts as a two-way bridge connecting Australia and Europe to the rest of the world, with a focus on Europe, the Middle-East and North America. Having developed deep relationships in these regions, we increase the connectivity of Australian businesses with international capital - and vice versa.

Avanguard Capital's focus is on enabling and accelerating our clients' capital raising, merger and acquisition objectives. We pride ourselves on our pragmatic approach and on our international outlook.


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Capital Raising

We support our clients’ capital raising campaigns via the following services:

• Advising on appropriate and impactful capital raising strategies to ensure presentability and investment readiness.
• Identifying the most suitable and likely investors
• Acting as the client’s advisor in developing required documentation.
• Organising hosted visits and executing bespoke roadshows.
• Providing business strategy consultancy services to fine-tune our clients’ approach.


Strategic Advisory

Our strategic advisory approach involves preparing our clients for future transactions and/or optimising their current activities through:

• Developing divestment, merger and acquisition strategies.
• Identifying acquisition, investor and partner targets.
• Formulating de-risking plans.
• Coaching the core management team and the board.
• Formulating financial models that optimise valuation.
• Facilitating post-deal integration.

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Transactions Made Simple

Our merger and acquisition services offer complete buy-side and sell-side support through:

• Tailoring transaction processes aligned with our clients’ merger, acquisition and exit strategies.
• For the buy-side – Engaging with potential targets, assisting in due diligence and structuring a deal.
• For the sell-side – Engaging with potential buyers or partners, assisting in due diligence and structuring a deal.
• Comprehensive closing and post-deal assistance.


Patrick Kedemos

Patrick Kedemos is the founder and managing director of Avanguard Capital and has extensive international experience in assisting companies of all industries and sizes raise capital, conduct mergers and acquisitions and commercialise their technology. He sits on several boards and teaches at the University of Western Australia and the Australian Institute of Management. He speaks seven languages and has lived and worked in eight different countries. Patrick holds a Master of Science from NEOMA and is a graduate of the INSEAD MBA.

Patrick has accumulated extensive international experience acquired with entities ranging from technology start-ups to listed reources companies and Fortune 500 companies Air Liquide and Wesfarmers. Patrick started his career as the founder of a company providing marketing research. He later joined Air Liquide, one of the largest industrial groups in Europe, within which he gained a wealth of experience, operating across various geographies and industries. These included roles as Sales and Marketing Manager, Financial Controller, General Manager and Strategy Manager. Patrick was then the Managing Director of AnaeCo, a publicly-listed technology company as well as the Honorary Consul for France in Western Australia.

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Tarek Zein

Tarek Zein is the Partner in charge of Avanguard’s Middle East business, based out of Dubai, UAE. He has over 15 years of Private Equity, Corporate Finance and Management Advisory experience in the GCC, Levant & North Africa. Tarek possesses broad sectoral experience with a track record of origination, execution and post-acquisition value creation, restructuring struggling businesses and delivering exceptional results for investors. He has also contributed to fund raising efforts and corporate strategy in start-ups and SMEs. He is a fluent English, French and Arabic speaker, holds a Masters in Finance from the University of Essex, and is an Economics graduate of the Lebanese American University.

Tarek’s professional experience in private equity and corporate development gained him both a buy and sell side view of the investment space, and a broad network of industry stakeholders. He most recently held a director role in a tech-enabled start-up where he raised a series A round before selling the company to a US player. Prior to that, he worked in corporate finance at a major UAE conglomerate with operations across the Middle East, Africa and south-east Asia, helping restructure the group’s capital and launch a healthcare vertical. Tarek also worked for over 10 years in private equity where he executed transactions in the healthcare, education, technology, agriculture and F&B sectors, and played active roles managing value creation in portfolio companies.

Michael Alf

Michael Alf is the Partner in charge of Avanguard Capital’s European business, based out of Berlin and Lisbon. Michael has extensive experience advising clients across a wide variety of industries and consulting on topics that range from mergers & acquisitions to growth strategy and from corporate advisory to capital raising. He also sits on the board of businesses with a focus on new technologies. Michael is a dual Australian and German citizen and has lived in eight countries. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Germany and an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Michael´s professional experience combines extensive advisory and consulting experience with Capgemini for 12 years and other consulting firms, executive roles in services, software and logistics and an entrepreneurial background with a focus on capital raising for digital and technology businesses. He joined Capgemini after leaving the German armed forces as a captain, to become a Vice-President in Germany and in global roles and then in Australia where he was responsible for the Melbourne office. He is also the author of a number of books, including the soon to be released “B2B Metaverse Marketing”.


Rishabh Ramchandani is a Senior Associate at Avanguard Capital. He has gained experience in a variety of sectors, including financial services, consulting, and education. Rishabh's financial analysis and investment banking experience, primarily gained in Asian markets, positions him well to assist companies in raising capital as well as cater to their M&A needs. He is proficient at using advanced Excel, inferential statistics, and Power BI to perform value-added analysis and comparable company analysis.

Rishabh holds a Master of Applied Finance from the University of Western Australia. He has developed deep financial modelling expertise, especially for start-ups, successfully assisting clients in establishing company valuations, as well as projections and sensitivity analyses for various projects. Rishabh's strong communication, stakeholder engagement, and analytical skills are greatly appreciated by Avanguard Capital's clients.

Timothy Patrick Komala is the newest addition to Avanguard Capital's
team as an Associate. He has been passionate about finance, investing, and the startup ecosystem for years and has already acquired experience leading teams in the services sector. He excels at database exploitation, data analytics, and data visualization, using Microsoft Excel and Power BI. Timothy's dedication and strong interpersonal and communication skills are a great asset to Avanguard Capital and its clients.


Our Team

Avanguard Capital’s team draws from a wealth of experience to assist our clients in developing the right corporate strategies to achieve their desired transaction outcomes. Our team of highly talented and motivated individuals bring their own unique set of skills to the group, ensuring our clients receive well crafted, end-to-end advice delivering superior outcomes.


The Art of Raising Capital

Capital raising is a whole of business exercise as in order to make a business as presentable as possible (to successfully raise funds), everything has to reviewed and repositioned from the strategy to the IP, from the business model to the financial model and from the team to the negotiation position. The exercise ensures the team is coached to speak a language that resonates with potential investors, from better understanding the explicit and non-explicit objectives of venture capital or private equity funds to the narrative associated with the de-risking of milestones. The workshop thus greatly maximises the potential for successful business development and capital raising campaigns.

Earning the Right to Grow

ERG is an all-encompassing approach that aims at providing entrepreneurs with the concepts, best practices, and tools they require to de-risk their entire journey and optimise their path toward creating long-term sustainable value. ERG connects the dots by bringing together disciplines that rarely interact with each other: it anchors valuation into the pillars of value creation as stemming from the principles of finance and then presents best practices, originating from disciplines such as strategy, psychology, team management, commercialisation and capital raising to de-risk entrepreneurs' journey and enable them to speak a language that will resonate with prospective clients, investors, and partners. ERG is essentially about developing a capacity to articulate an all-encompassing approach to value creation.

The Art of Mergers and Acquisitions

‘The Art of Mergers and Acquisitions’ defines the relationship between enterprise strategy and merger and acquisition initiatives. Participants gain an understanding of what is required to successfully complete a merger, acquisition or divestment, and the pitfalls that can derail the process. These are some of the topics that will be covered in the workshop;

• Articulating the enterprise’s strategy before embarking on merger, acquisition or divestment activities.
• Gaining alignment on management expectations about mergers and acquisitions.
• Establishing a process for evaluating potential merger and acquisition candidates.
• Screening potential merger and acquisition targets.
• Completing a financial evaluation of merger and acquisition targets.
• Estimating the value of merger and acquisition targets.
• Conducting due diligence.
• Developing and implementing an assimilation plan to guide post-merger integration activities.

Global Finance and Investing Essentials

This comprehensive program equips participants with the expertise required to navigate today's rapidly evolving global financial landscape. Topics covered include the global economy, financial management, investment strategies, risk assessment, and more.
Through informative presentations, interactive discussions, and collaborative activities, participants will gain a deep understanding of current issues and trends. This workshop is ideal for non-finance executives and will serve as a compelling refresher for finance professionals. Participants will be better equipped to effectively grasp and apply financial concepts, understand the impact of financial decisions, and tackle challenges in the finance and investment world. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the world of global finance and investing.

Expanding in New Markets and Creating New Value

This workshop is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed for successful market expansion and value creation. It initially focuses on strategic market assessment, covering topics such as identifying opportunities, conducting research, assessing feasibility, and exploring entry strategies. Participants will learn how to evaluate market potential, analyze trends, and make informed decisions. It also focuses on creating unique value propositions, leveraging innovation, developing effective marketing strategies, scaling operations, and managing financial considerations. It emphasizes understanding customer needs, differentiating products/services, reaching new customers, and managing growth challenges. Interactive activities, case studies, and group discussions are used to enhance engagement and practical application.

The Art of Being Globally Savvy

Navigating today’s global environment is key for effective business operations, expansion, and above all, success. This program will provide you with strategies and best practices to navigate the current international business environment successfully with a specific focus on international expansion and achieving long-term sustainable value creation. Through comprehensively addressing the current global strategic, economic and social issues, drivers and challenges, this program ensures you will be equipped with the best practices, frameworks, and solutions to better manage and lead in a global context.

Mastering Strategic Orientation

This program will familiarise participants with the reality of strategy, examining how to implement it in a global environment to successfully achieve and bolster long-term sustainable growth. It will discuss in detail how to develop and execute the all-important projects that enable the strategy to become a concrete reality, capable of sustaining and accelerating growth in a global context. Through providing frameworks, new approaches, and best practices, this program will help businesses navigate the challenges inherent to executing a strategic plan as well as assist executives involved in the fostering of long-term sustainable value.


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Avanguard Capital has offices in Perth, Dubai, Berlin and Lisbon

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